What Is Tear Staining On Your Dog?

If you have a dog with light-colored fur, then you have likely noticed that sometimes it looks like your dog is crying. It's not that your dog is crying, it's that they are producing tears. Those tears are used to do things like moisturize their eyes, just like some tears that humans produce. Most times, those tears are not a problem, but they can be a sign of problems with your dog's eyes. [Read More]

What You Might Want To Look For When Shopping For Dog Beds

If your dog needs a new bed to sleep on, it is time to you start exploring all of the dog bed options out there. While it is nice to know that there are many different types of big dog beds out there, you want to go through the various options so you will end up with the best one for your furry friend. To have a better understanding of what it is you might want to look for in a dog bed, you will want to continue to read through the following information. [Read More]

3 Reasons Why Ricordea Corals Make An Excellent Addition To Your New Aquarium

A home aquarium is a popular and attractive addition to any room of the home. Aquariums are like a living piece of art, and the fish and plants within add color and vibrancy to your home. As well as looking beautiful, aquariums are also known to be soothing and relaxing to look at with their gentle, mesmeric movement. As well as choosing the different fish that you'd like to house in your new aquarium, you'll also need to add some aquatic plants. [Read More]

Cannabis For Your Canine? 3 Things Dog Owners Must Know

Medical marijuana usage among humans continues to grow, with many patients reporting positive experiences. Now dog owners are also finding that cannabis and hemp may also be effective in helping their pets deal with some canine health issues. If you are a pet parent who would like to learn more about the potential benefits offered by the use of these natural products, here are three important things you should know.  [Read More]