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Summer Supplies For When You Take Your Gun Dog Hunting

If you've spent all winter and spring training your gun dog, then you are probably excited for summer to roll around so you can get out into the field and get hunting. However, it's not a smart idea to just pack up your shotgun and your dog and drive out into a marsh or into the woods. That is likely to result in a bad hunt; either your dog will not be able to perform well without the proper hunting supplies, or worse, they might get injured. So, make sure you are giving you and your dog the best chance by making sure you have the following items from a hunting supplies store.  

Cooling Dog Vest

This item is a must have for any gun dog. It doesn't matter if you are hunting in a marsh, or heading out to the forest, you need to make sure you dog doesn't overheat while out in the field. Even with a fresh supply of water, your dog can overheat. The solution to this is to get a cooling vest. These work by evaporation. You wet the vest with cool water and then place it on your dog. The water evaporates off the dog and cools them down. If you're near a stream, you can replenish the vest throughout the day from the fresh, cool stream water. If you're not near water, make sure to big along a big bottle of water that you can use to refill the vest with.

Dog Boots

Your dogs paws can be hurt during the hunt. They can get thorns stuck in their pads, or step on sharp river rock, or even step on an old fishing hook while they are chasing for a duck in a marsh. The easiest way to solve this problem is to get them a pair of dog boots designed for all weather hunting. These can slip onto the dogs paws and protect them from all of the little things that can hurt them. The dog boots are normally made of a tough but flexible material that will allow your dog unrestricted movement, yet also keep them safe.

A Camo Dog Blind

One of the cool items you might want to bring along is a camo dog blind. If you're sitting out in the sun for hours, your dog can get overheated even if they have the vest. The sun beating down on them is not healthy. You should not just sit in your own blind and expect your dog to lay out under the blazing sun. So, get them a blind that is designed just for them. These small dog blinds can be set up discretely and your dog can lay there until they are needed to head out and retrieve waterfowl or other game. It's also a great way to help hide your dog. This way prey has less of a chance to see your dog and get spooked.