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3 Tips For Setting Up A Gecko Habitat

Having a pet in the home can help your family learn more about responsibility. Pets provide you with unconditional love and attention, and there are many different types of pets to choose from when deciding to add a new member to your family.

If you are thinking of bringing a gecko into the home, creating the ideal habitat is critical to the health and happiness of your new pet. Here are three tips that you can use to help set up the perfect habitat for your new gecko.

1. Invest in a glass cage.

In order to begin building the ideal habitat for your new gecko, you must invest in a glass cage. A wire cage could cause injury to your gecko, and your new pet could easily escape from a wire cage in the future.

Look for a glass enclosure that is long and shallow so that your gecko will have room to roam once he or she is placed within the habitat. The lid of the glass enclosure should be made of mesh to allow for proper air circulation, but be sure the cage isn't so shallow that your gecko can access the lid in an attempt to escape over time.

2. Use the right substrate.

The material you spread along the bottom of your gecko's glass cage is referred to as the substrate. Since your gecko will be in direct contact with this substrate over his or her lifetime, it's critical that you invest in a material that will provide for the safety and comfort of your lizard.

The substrate shouldn't irritate your gecko's sensitive skin, and it should be a material that is easy to remove and clean on a regular basis to ensure the health of your gecko over time. Some good substrate materials to consider include artificial turf or newspaper.

3. Create distinct areas.

When creating the ideal habitat for your gecko, ensure that you are providing space for your gecko to engage in hiding, basking, and activity. Landscaping the glass cage with these activities in mind will help you keep your gecko happy.

Consider adding overlapping rocks for hiding, smooth rocks for climbing and other activities, and a piece of wood placed under the heat lamp where your gecko can bask regularly.

Becoming a successful lizard owner begins with the creation of a habitat that will suit the needs of your gecko. To create the best habitat possible, invest in a glass cage, use the right substrate, and create distinct areas for your gecko to spend time in each day.