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3 Reasons Why Ricordea Corals Make An Excellent Addition To Your New Aquarium

A home aquarium is a popular and attractive addition to any room of the home. Aquariums are like a living piece of art, and the fish and plants within add color and vibrancy to your home. As well as looking beautiful, aquariums are also known to be soothing and relaxing to look at with their gentle, mesmeric movement.

As well as choosing the different fish that you'd like to house in your new aquarium, you'll also need to add some aquatic plants. These add to the visual impact of the aquarium, and they also provide shelter and interest for the fish residents. If you're new to aquatic plants, then there are three reasons why Ricordea corals will make an excellent addition.

1. They add natural and vibrant color

Ricordea corals come in a wide range of striking and vibrant colors. This includes pinks, oranges, purples, and reds. You can choose a number of different colors to create a stunning and colorful look within your new aquarium. You can also choose Ricordea corals that contain two or more colors and even rainbow hues. They make an excellent choice if you prefer natural colors and don't want to add artificial and often garish plastic features.

2. They also look great at night

As well as providing vivid hues during the daylight hours, Ricordea corals also look simply wonderful at night. Under a small UV light, Ricordeas will provide a luminous, glowing color, which contrasts amazingly against the darkness. The colors look quite different under UV light in comparison to natural light, which gives you a varied and always exciting look whatever time of the day it is.

3. They're super easy to care for

Many aquatic plants can be quite difficult to care for, which can feel a little overwhelming when you're a novice in keeping an aquarium. Ricordea corals make an excellent choice for this reason because they require very little care and are very hardy. They produce their own energy through photosynthesis, although giving them a small amount of coral food once a week will help to keep them in top condition.

Ricordea corals are a great choice if you want to add natural color, interesting texture, and low maintenance aquatic plants to your new aquarium set-up. You can find a wide variety of Ricordea for aquariums at many pet stores or aquarium stores, and you can even conveniently order them online from web stores.