Finding A Better Pet Store

Purchase Outerwear For Your Pet

Your dog's reluctance to go outdoors on damp, chilly days could be a sign that it is time to invest in some pet clothing. Outerwear will protect your pet's body and prevent the loss of body heat.

Garment Types

Dog outerwear consists of garments that are designed to be worn solely outdoors and garments that can be worn both indoors and outdoors. Some manufacturers sell clothing that can be modified, making it suitable for all seasons of the year. This type of garment may feature zippers or snaps that will allow for the removal of a liner, a hood, or sleeves.

When shopping for clothing, consider your dog's physical features and their temperament. A small dog that has fine-textured fur may require a thicker garment than a larger, furrier breed. If your dog tends to get impatient when you are preparing them for walks outdoors, having access to a garment that can quickly be put on your pet may be your main concern.

Check the care instructions of various fabric types. A lightweight fabric type and color may stain or wrinkle, limiting the number of times that a garment can be worn between laundering sessions.

Choking Hazards And Waterproofing Features

Little bells, pom-poms, and other small accents could be potential choking hazards. Shop for outerwear products that will not be likely to distract your pet. If the region that you reside in experiences frequent precipitation, shop for clothing that contains a waterproof outer sheath. Cotton or wool products that become wet could contribute to the loss of body heat and won't serve as a practical outerwear option for your pet. 

The Fit And Basic Care Tips

Take measurements of your dog's neck, legs, and body. Use the measurements as a guide when comparing dog clothing labels. Outerwear should fit snugly, but not be restrictive. If clothing drapes downward or contains sleeves or a neckline that may gather and pull as your dog is walking, your pet may not enjoy their time outdoors and you may discover that that particular outerwear product isn't worth the time or effort to put on your dog.

If outerwear products are marked with basic sizes, such as small, medium, and large, labels should reflect a weight range that will be suitable for each size. Upon purchasing clothing, store the items near your pet's leash. Hang up or fold clothing. Use unscented, gentle detergent when garments need to be laundered. 

To learn more, contact a dog apparel supplier.