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Want To Buy A Conure Parrot? Information About This Bird So You Know For Sure

If you want to purchase a conure parrot, you need to make sure you want to before you purchase one. Below is information about this bird to help you make the right choice. 

They Live for Many Years

If a conure parrot is kept in captivity and taken care of well, it will live for many years. This is one big reason you need to make sure you want this type of parrot. Consider your lifestyle because if you travel for long periods of time, this may not be the right bird for you. Also, if you plan to move or move around a lot, this may be another reason to consider a different type of bird. Constantly moving and having different caregivers can be hard on a conure, and it may display bad behaviors.

They Are Social

Conure parrots are fun birds to have as they are playful and very affectionate. They can even act silly at times. Some conures may not want to be touched but others may not care. No matter which, they do like sitting on shoulders or cuddling with you. 

Conures may make a lot of noise in your home and some of these parrots can talk, but they all will make a squawking sound. This is especially true if they want attention, are out of food or water, etc. There are different species of conure parrots, and some are louder when compared to others, so check with the pet store or breeder about this. 

They Like to Nip and Chew

As with most parrots, conures use their beak to move around their cage and when outside of their cage. To help keep their beak strong and the parrot happy, purchase chew toys for them, such as vine balls or wooden blocks. If you do not do this, they may choose to chew on your clothing, furniture, and more. 

Conures also like to nip at times especially if they are annoyed, afraid, tired, or stressed. They may nip you if you are trying to train your parrot. This generally will not hurt, and a little nipping is okay. If your bird nips excessively, however, you may want to have it checked out by a veterinarian to ensure there is nothing going on with it. 

Talk to the pet store clerk, breeder, or company like Dallas Parrots Aviary Inc. to learn much more about conure parrots. They can help you choose the right cage and get it set up.