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Dog Getting Older And Have Joint Pain? Give Them CBD Treats

If your dog is getting older and they are starting to have joint pain, there are many treatments available. One thing you should try is to give them CBD treats. These treats also go along well with other treatments your veterinarian may choose to help your dog. Below is information on what CBD is, as well as how these treats can help your dog feel better. 

CBD Dog Treats

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is extracted from marijuana flowers and buds from marijuana plants. Hemp plants can also be used for this purpose. CBD does not make a person or animal high, however. To do this, the product would need to have THC, which is a chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol. 

How CBD Treats Help with Joint Pain

You can find CBD treats for your dog online and pet stores in your area may have them available for purchase. 

One way they help with joint pain is they reduce inflammation in their joints. This inflammation can happen if your dog is injured. These treats can take the place of nonsteroidal or anti-inflammatory medications your vet may offer your dog. As an older dog, they can become injured much easier than younger dogs. Your vet may still need to give your dog one of these medications. If you are using CBD dog treats, however, they may be able to give them a lower dosage. This is healthier for your dog as some medications will have more side effects at a high dosage. 

CBD also helps connective tissue to regenerate. CBD is known as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. It can not only help tissue regenerate, but also help prevent further damage to your dog's joint tissue. Cartilage in their joints is important as this is what cushions their bones. CBD oil can slow down cartilage deterioration. This will slow down the progression of joint problems, arthritis, etc. 

CBD dog treats also treat pain so your dog can feel better while they are walking, running, getting up and down, etc. This is because CBD may block pain signals that cause pain in their joints. This may be able to replace pain medications your vet may offer your dog or goes well along with these pain medications. This is something that is not proven by scientists, but many people are saying their dogs are feeling less pain. 

You can find dog CBD treats in different flavors so you can find one that your dog will enjoy.