Four Things To Consider When Purchasing A Vest For Your Service Dog

Many people with anxiety disorders have a hard time going out in public on a regular basis because it overwhelms them so much. Service dogs are now being used to help people with anxiety disorders be able to live a more normal life and interact with the public in a less restrictive way. If you have a dog that you want to get certified as a service dog, you will need to have a vest for him or her to wear when you are in public so that they can easily be identified as a service dog. [Read More]

3 Contagious Diseases Preventable With A Cat Fence

Cats love to be outdoors in their natural habitat and feel at one with their ancestors but you want your kitty to be safe from illnesses and diseases carried by other cats. By investing in cat fencing supplies around the perimeter of your cat's outdoor play space, you can keep your cat safe as long as they still receive regular immunizations. Here are 3 feline diseases your cat can avoid because they remain in a safe zone free from other cats. [Read More]

Summer Supplies For When You Take Your Gun Dog Hunting

If you've spent all winter and spring training your gun dog, then you are probably excited for summer to roll around so you can get out into the field and get hunting. However, it's not a smart idea to just pack up your shotgun and your dog and drive out into a marsh or into the woods. That is likely to result in a bad hunt; either your dog will not be able to perform well without the proper hunting supplies, or worse, they might get injured. [Read More]

Learn About Dog Seizures

If you own a dog then you want to be sure you know what to do if they have a seizure. This way you will be able to take charge of the situation to help them both during and after the seizure. This article will offer you a lot of information on dog seizures so you are in a better position of handling your dog's condition. Seizures can happen for a number of reasons [Read More]