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Effective Pooper Scoopers For Dog Owners

Dedicated dog owners regard their dogs as trusted members of their family and their best friends. In order to take care of their dogs, dog owners feed them nutritious food, provide them with fresh water, give them daily exercise, take them to the vet, and clean up their poop. Dog poop can contain bacteria, parasites, viruses, and worms that can be harmful to humans so it is best to clean it up as soon as possible. If you are a dog owner, there are some tools that you can buy to help you with the task of cleaning up your dog's poop. Here are a few effective pooper scoopers that are currently available for purchase:

Wire Rake Pooper Scooper:  This simple scooper is a short wire rake with thin bent tines that is good for picking up dog poop on grass. To use it, you sweep through the grass under the dog poop to scoop it and then deposit the poop in a trash bag or bin. Wire rake pooper scoopers can be operated with one hand so they are convenient to use when walking your dog on a leash. They come with a long enough handle so you do not have to bend over to scoop up your dog's poop.

Jaw Pooper Scooper:  This pooper scooper is a tool with two cups that face each other and function like a set of jaws. These cups are on separate handles that pivot together with a strong spring and operate like a pair of scissors. You can operate this scooper with two hands by opening the two handles and closing them around your dog's poop. The poop is held securely in the cups until you open the handles again and release it. The spring action of this scooper makes it easy to scoop and release your dog's poop. Jaw pooper scoopers come in small, medium, and large sizes. They also come with a supply of waste bags that fit over the jaws to catch the poop when you release it. Some jaw scoopers also come with an LED light on the handle for cleaning up poop on night walks with your dog.

Rake and Shovel Pooper Scooper:  This pooper scooper is a tool that combines a rake and a shovel together. The handles of the rake and shovel are separate but fasten together when not in use. To operate this scooper, you place the shovel next to your dog's poop and use the rake to sweep it into the shovel. This pooper scooper can pick up dog poop from any surface:  grass, dirt, concrete, gravel, and rocks. After you use it, you can snap the two handles together and store it as a single tool.

All of these pooper scoopers are made of a combination of rust-resistant aluminum and non-stick plastic so they can be easily cleaned with water from a garden hose. Choose a scooper that fits your needs that you can use whenever you clean your yard or take your dog for a walk. You can buy one of these pooper scoopers at a well-stocked pet store or online. An effective pooper scooper will make your poop scooping job simple and convenient and your dog will appreciate your dedication and care.

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