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Cannabis For Your Canine? 3 Things Dog Owners Must Know

Medical marijuana usage among humans continues to grow, with many patients reporting positive experiences. Now dog owners are also finding that cannabis and hemp may also be effective in helping their pets deal with some canine health issues. If you are a pet parent who would like to learn more about the potential benefits offered by the use of these natural products, here are three important things you should know. 

1. Most veterinarians cannot legally prescribe the use of cannabis for pets

The use of marijuana for pets has not yet been legalized in the United States, even in states that currently allow for the use of medical marijuana for humans. In fact, it may be illegal for your veterinarian to even discuss marijuana use for animals with pet owners.

Veterinarians who are willing to talk with pet owners on this subject will usually stick with a broad, educational view of the issue while abstaining from prescribing treatment or discussing the pet's actual health issues.

Pet owners who want to learn more are advised to research existing marijuana laws for their state carefully before deciding whether to proceed in seeking this type of treatment for their pet. 

2. Legal hemp products can offer many of the same pet health benefits as marijuana 

Some good news is that products made from hemp are legal in all fifty states and are believed to offer many of the same benefits as marijuana.

This is thought to be because hemp is high in Cannabidiol (CBD). This substance offers beneficial results for some types of health issues without the psychoactive effects caused by tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which can be very dangerous for dogs to ingest in large amounts. Because dogs are known to have a high number of THC receptors in their brains, they can still reap health benefits from the minute amount of THC that remains in hemp-derived products. 

Some of the health issues that pet owners are believed to have successfully treated with hemp-derived products, such as tinctures and edibles, include seizures, inflammation, pain, and anxiety. Some also relate seeing their dog's cancer symptoms improve with the use of these products. 

3. Source hemp-derived or cannabis pet products carefully

Like any treatment product for your pet, it is important to always do careful research before moving forward to purchase products labeled as hemp-derived or cannabis. By opting to work only with a trusted pet or animal care store, pet owners can feel more comfortable about using these new treatments to help their pet enjoy improved health. 

For more information on hemp for dogs, contact your local vet office today.